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Last week, Annabel brought in her cookbook and chose a recipe for the class to make - Pineapple and Ice Cream! 

This term there has been a big focus on healthy eating so there was a bit of discussion:
 ... is ice cream healthy if we put fruit with it?
The class concluded that ice cream is a sometimes food and that if they had a small amount, it would be OK. By adding fruit to it it makes it "a little bit healthier" :D
Before we cut into the pineapple, Belinda educated the class (and Alice) on where pineapples grow - from small plants and the leaves are spiky to funnel water. We learnt A LOT. 
Who knew that when pineapples are first forming they are pink?! Also, like carrots, you can grow a pineapple from the top of another pineapple - our minds were blown!
Here are a few snaps:

"It's so juicy!"
"A bit sour."
"Yummy and sweet."
"I want some more." 
"I am trying to eat it slow so it will last."

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Bring a toy to school day

Rūma Tahi kids have filled another marble jar! They have been working hard to do things together as a team, to make sure they are ready for learning, showing aroha and keeping our classroom 'spick-and-span'. 

For shared Discovery SPACE, our room became the toy room (obviously). Here are a few snaps from the morning! 

In the middle block, we took our toys to the library and they read with us. Sam put some eyes on his train whistle too. 

In the afternoon, we went and did some gardening - well some of us did! Other kids climbed the trees.

It was a really wonderful day! 

"I've been waiting for this day forever!" - Belinda 

"Awesome!" - Sorcha

"Bring a toy to school day is so exciting!" - Elaine

"Excellent!" - Izzy

"Amazing!" - Braydon

"Fantastic because you got to bring a toy to school!" - Raphaël 

"Magnificent!" - Splendira

"Bring a toy to school is terrific and wonderful!" - Raisya

Sensational Clothing

Sensational Clothing
Our Sensational Clothing inquiry has ventured towards what Superheroes (and villains) wear. There are also children who are starting to look at clothing for dolls and puppets. 

The kids have enjoyed using all the different materials. They were especially excited to find BIG pieces of fabric and lots of buttons & ribbon on last week. 

Check out some of their creations. 

Book Creator

Last week, we explored the app Book Creator!

The children love being able to draw & type, rub out and take pictures for their stories. 
Here are some of our stories:


We filled our Marble Jar and the class surprise was... model airplanes. These were a gift from a friend at the Civil Aviation Authority. 

Everyone got to make one and it was quite exciting figuring out ways to make them fly higher, faster and further. We researched and discovered that by putting bluetack onto the nose of the plane kept it from crashing too quickly. 

Jelly and Ice Cream

We filled our marble jar! For filling the jar we got to make ... Jelly and Ice Cream
On Monday morning we crowded around the green table and watched the orange jelly crystals dissolve into the hot water. Some of us thought the jelly would set instantly, others thought maybe a few hours. 
Then in the afternoon, we MADE ice cream. It looked a bit weird putting the ingredients into a bag - but it worked! 
The outer bag was filled with ice and salt. We learnt that the salt makes the ice even colder. Then in a smaller bag you put: milk, sugar and vanilla essence. 

You put the bag of milk inside the ice bag and you SHAKE! 

We all got to try our home-made ice cream - it was delicious. Alice also had some store-bought ice cream. We ate this with the jelly. 


Our Town

We have been busy building a town in our room! Name to be decided.

There is a city centre, space station, supermarket, clock tower and houses for the town people.

We also have cars, tanks and spaceships to transport people around town!